Villa & House Cambria Vase, White

Villa & House Cambria Vase, White

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Villa & House's accessories often reference history and take inspiration from organic shapes. The Cambria vase does both. When ostriches were discovered by 16th century Europe, they were considered rare and almost mythical animals. They were prized for their voluptuous feathers, which cost more than their weight in gold, and their giant eggs were turned into a variety of decorative curios. As a nod to this history, we have scaled up the ostrich egg in fine hand-made blanc de chine porcelain. Our oversized version is a functionally beautiful object d'art. Glazed on the inside and matte on the exterior, it is a giant oval with the top removed to resemble a cracked egg. It has a cool minimalist appeal and is perfect for a centerpiece or an over scale coffee table accessory.


  • Hand-Crafted Blanc de Chine Porcelain
  • Glossy Interior Finish
  • Matte Exterior Finish


  • Overall: 10.5" w x 10.5" d x 10" h