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We recently interviewed the Founder & CEO of Stephanie Cohen Home, Mrs. Stephanie Cohen. During the interview, she happily shared the story of the culmination of years of creative interior design work that turned into her flagship furniture store and grew into an e-commerce website as a home brand. It is amazing to see how she managed to overcome the challenges she has faced as an entrepreneur and a mother of three young boys.

She made us aware that creative clients are always the most rewarding to work with because they bring with them their imagination and enthusiasm. She shared the experience she gathered after more than 15 years in business as a creative interior designer.

“I worked from home for about five years until my children were a little bit older and then we opened our first showroom which we outgrew within two years and moved to our second location which we outgrew two years after that. Now, I have a 40,000 sq. foot high-end furniture showroom, with my design center in the heart of the store. As well as an e-commerce website.“ READ INTERVIEW   



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Public Domain- The Rooms Where We Welcome Friends And Family Into Our Homes Speak Volumes
Written by Deborah L. Martin
Our homes function on many levels besides basic shelter.  They provide safety and security, a private escape from the world, and a comfortable place to connect and reconnect with family and friends.  
The most public rooms in the home should be stylish and comfortable, but also functional and efficient.  Whether you are entertaining a crowd or having family game night, places to put drinks and snacks, comfortable chairs, storage, and durable surfaces are a must.   READ MORE


Shop Talk with Stephanie Cohen
Native New Yorker Stephanie Cohen lives and breathes interior design.  A graduate of the Metropolitan Institute of Interior of Interior Design, she focuses on both residential and commercial design, creating spaces that are both current and classic.  The A&D Building is one of her favorite design destinations, and she shares her favorite "modern luxurious treasures." 


This week we invite you to Explore Home with Stephanie Cohen of Stephanie Cohen Home.
Listen as Stephanie begins with her professional journey to interior design, one that includes switching from a law student to a full-time design student. After detailing this transition, Stephanie shares more about her business which is comprised of an interior design firm as well as a brick and mortar storefront.
After delving into both the challenges and opportunities associated with owning a retail storefront, Stephanie then shares with Neil the unique impact COVID-19 has had on her business. They then discuss what changes have been made to adjust to 2020’s world, as well as certain design trends that have come about as a result of the pandemic, including an increased need for outdoor living spaces. For more on Stephanie and her business, you can visit or follow her on Instagram @stephaniecohenhome. PLAY EPISODE
Furniture, Family and Interior Design with Stephanie Cohen 
When she isn’t busy working, our next guest loves to host and cook for her friends. Today on The Chaise Lounge, Nick May is joined by New York-native Stephanie Cohen of Stephanie Cohen Home.
Stephanie had dreams of becoming an entertainment lawyer until she got married and decorated her house. Her husband liked the decor so much he encouraged her to take interior design classes, and now she manages much more than just an interior design business. She also runs a furniture showroom (pieces available on her website). Her family is very important to her and even her sons work in her design firm.
"It’s never a sad environment. So I think that's what I love the most about what I do. Everybody that comes in is so excited about doing what they’re doing and so happy and it’s great. You get to work with people at their best." PLAY EPISODE


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