Phillips Collection Aragonite Canoe Small Bowl - Black

Phillips Collection Aragonite Canoe Small Bowl - Black

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Aragonite is known for being the primary component of seashells, pearls, and coral. We at Phillips Collection have been brainstorming day and night to figure out how to best utilize this unique mineral in order to realize its full potential. Our development comes in the form of our breathtaking Aragonite Canoe Bowls. Offered in a wide assortment of varying shapes and colors such as gray, white, black and amber, these beautiful organically shaped bowls personify the Phillips Collection ethos: modern organic.
This item is made from natural stone. Holes and cracks may be present and will vary from piece to piece. Style and color may also have slight variations. Please note this item is not a one of a kind item. You will receive a similar piece in our selection. If you would like to choose your item in our current selection, please contact our customer representative team.


  • Finish: Natural
  • Material: Onyx


  • Overall: 28" w x 8" d x 5" h
  • Weight: 19 pounds